Dr. Jeff Takahashi, DDS

Dr. Jeff Takahashi, DDS, is a highly experienced and compassionate General Dentist with over 23 years of dedicated service in the dental field. A proud Army veteran, Dr. Takahashi brings discipline, integrity, and a strong work ethic to his practice, ensuring the highest quality of care for his patients. Born and raised in Lodi, Dr. Takahashi has always had a deep appreciation for his community and its values. While his roots are in Lodi, Dr. Takahashi also lived in Hawaii for a time, where his two boys were born. The experience of living in Hawaii enriched his family’s lives and provided unforgettable memories.

Dr. Takahashi earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree from the prestigious Loma Linda School of Dentistry. Following his dental training, he served honorably in the United States Army Dental Corps in South Korea for 1 year and Hawaii for an additional 3 years, where he provided dental care to service members and their families both stateside and overseas.

With over two decades of experience, Dr. Takahashi has developed expertise in a wide range of dental procedures, including preventive care, restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and oral surgery. He is known for his gentle chairside manner and his ability to put even the most anxious patients at ease.

Outside of his dental practice, Dr. Takahashi takes great pleasure in watching his boys compete in water polo, baseball and swim.  He also enjoys spending time on the golf course, where he finds relaxation and camaraderie among fellow enthusiasts. As a devoted family man he takes great joy in raising his two boys and two miniature pinschers with his wife, Sarah.

Throughout his career, Dr. Takahashi has been recognized for his commitment to excellence in dentistry and his dedication to serving his community. He is deeply honored to have had the opportunity to serve his country in the military and remains grateful for the experiences and skills he gained during his service.

Summer Schuchard

Registered Dental Assistant, Front Office

Summer is the friendly face at the front desk. She brings over a decade of experience in dental assistance to our team. She first started dentistry as a Registered Dental Assistant and then worked her way up to the Front Office. She has demonstrated exceptional skills in patient care and support and is always happy to answer your questions, plan for appointments, help resolve concerns and make sure your visits are positive.

Outside of the dental office, Summer is a dedicated mother to two wonderful children. She is a busy sports mom always rushing to practices, games or races on the weekend.

She is also a foodie at heart and enjoys trying out new restaurants and experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen. With an insatiable passion for all things culinary, her love affair with food knows no bonds.

In between work and sports she loves to stay active and enjoy the beautiful weather by going on spontaneous adventures, camping trips, and exploring new places with her boyfriend and their children.

Summer’s commitment to excellence extends beyond her professional duties, making her an invaluable member of our team both in and out of the office

Kristine Arp

Registered Dental Assistant

Kristine Arp brings over two decades of dedicated service and energy to our team. With a decade of experience within our office and another ten years in a prior establishment, Kristine’s expertise and commitment shine through in every aspect of her work.

As a seasoned professional, Kristine’s passion for her role extends beyond the office walls. She is a proud pet parent to two dogs and a cat.

Kristine’s dedication to her family is evident, as she raised two sons and recently embarked on the exciting journey of building her dream home. Her strong family values underscore her commitment to creating a supportive and fulfilling environment for those around her.

Beyond her professional and familial endeavors, Kristine’s adventurous spirit takes her to new horizons. She finds joy in exploring the world, often opting for cruises that offer both relaxation and adventure. With her infectious laughter and vibrant personality, Kristine effortlessly becomes the life of the party, spreading joy wherever she goes.

Kristine Arp is more than just a valued member of our team; she is a beacon of positivity and enthusiasm, enriching both our workplace and our lives with her presence. We are grateful to have her as a colleague and friend, and we look forward to many more years of shared laughter and success together.

Jessica Abu

Registered Dental Hygienist

Jessica Abu brings seven years of dedicated service as a dental hygienist to our team. Her commitment to oral health and patient care is evident in every interaction. Alongside her professional expertise, Jessica is a loving mother of two young children, a boy and a girl. She finds immense joy in spending quality time with her family, including her supportive husband and their beloved dog.

Outside of her work and family responsibilities, Jessica has a diverse range of interests. She enjoys baking, indulging in wine tasting sessions, exploring the enchantment of Disneyland, and embarking on adventures to Hawaii, where she finds relaxation and rejuvenation. Jessica also prioritizes her fitness routine, recognizing the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Jessica’s dedication to her work and her vibrant personality make her an invaluable member of our team, enriching both the workplace environment and the experiences of our patients.

Sarah Takahashi

Front Office

Sarah brings a diverse skill set to her role in the front office. With a master’s degree in Occupational Therapy from Loma Linda University, she spent two decades serving as a dedicated school-based OT before transitioning to work alongside her husband in their dental office.

Sarah’s professional background has honed her communication and organizational abilities, making her an asset in managing front office operations. Her commitment to understanding and meeting the needs of others is evident in her work ethic and dedication to providing exceptional service.

Outside of the office, Sarah leads a fulfilling life centered around her family and personal interests. She is a devoted mother to two teenage sons who are actively involved in water polo, swimming, and baseball. Sarah finds joy in supporting her sons’ athletic pursuits and cherishes the time spent together as a family.

In her leisure time, Sarah enjoys exploring new experiences, whether it’s indulging in wine tasting adventures, creating magical memories at Disneyland, or jetting off to the beautiful shores of Hawaii. Her adventurous spirit extends to her love for CrossFit, where she finds both physical and mental rejuvenation.

With her unique blend of professional expertise and vibrant personality, Sarah is an integral part of the team, enriching the workplace and fostering positive relationships with clients and colleagues alike.